Who's That Girl?


Who's That Girl?

I'm a dreamer and a doer, and if you have a dream, it's mine to help make yours come true.

My name is Christine McAlister, and I love stories. The true ones are the best, because they're more exciting than fiction. I love helping write the stories of women like you who want more out of life than feeling like you're not living up to your potential as an entrepreneur.

I uncover and rediscover the talents and gifts that are yours alone, the ones that you were uniquely given to share with the world. I'm a successful entrepreneur who's helped clients generate multiple six-figures in sales. I've started 4 businesses, I am a loss mom, I'm a serial encourager, motivator and teacher.

I've always known that my real passion was to help other women get the freedom of time, schedule and travel like I have. 

The world is waiting for you

How do I know?

Well, I never could have guessed that by my age, I would have:

  • Supported women around the world in quitting their jobs and building their businesses

  • Created multiple 6-figures in leads for clients with my online marketing business

  • Freelanced in broadcasting at 3 Olympic Games

  • Taught undergrads & graduates as a full-time & adjunct professor

  • Worked as a career counselor

  • Started & run 4 successful businesses

  • Won national & international awards as a documentary & music video producer

  • Co-founded a non-profit in honor of my daughter (Miles With Maeve)

  • Bred & owned some of the world's rarest horses

  • "Puppy-raised" 2 service dogs, Lucy & Ben

  • Taken brands at the top of their industry to the next level in marketing, visibility & leads


Now, I channel all my skills, energy and experience to help high-achieving, motivated women to simply and quickly build a business serving their perfect clients, using their innate gifts, like I did!

So, what's your dream?

If you're like me, you actually have many dreams, some that you haven't allowed yourself to think about much lately. Some you've even forgotten.

Maybe you want to travel more. To spend more time with your family. To have the freedom to not have to ration vacation days, but to work when and where you feel productive, on topics and projects that you care about.

You want to feel supported, to feel like you're making a contribution that matters, and that you're living a lifestyle that is perfectly suited to you.

Where do you start?

That's where I come in. I'm a Focus Strategist, a ninja at helping you determine exactly where to spend your limited time on quickly building a sustainable, successful, joy-filled business.



Meant For More

Meant For More

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The life you're dreaming of is not hopefully possible "one day" or "someday." It's possible now. And I'm proof.

I've loved horses my whole life, but grew up hearing that they were too expensive to own, that I could have one when I was an adult. Within a month of graduating from school, I owned my first—a beautiful, rare breed I'd only dreamed of owning. Within 2 years, I had purchased 2 more. Now, I ride, breed and get to raise the babies. I have no background in this—I just did it!

After years of struggling in a day job and trying to figure out a way to accomplish my goal of running my own business full-time, I did it. I quit my job and, although I had no guarantees or projects lined up, I had replaced my take-home income within a month

I’ve run my own successful business for years, consulting and helping people market their dreams. I love my work and I've always been as busy as I wanted to be, but it wasn't until I hired my own high-level success coach that I was truly able to start running the business and life of my dreams.

Within weeks of hiring my coach, my revenue had tripled, and 5-figure months are my new normal!  I have built a team of people I love to work with, and every day, I'm spending time doing more of what I love and less of what I don't!

Last fall, I went to work with my coach in Europe, and my husband and I spent a week in Italy—a lifelong dream come true—for our birthdays.

I never would have believed this was possible for me until I received targeted support to get clear on my desires and how I could make them real.

Why Me?

I have a one-of-a-kind background as a coach. 

I haven't JUST built a successful coaching business. I've built many others as a:

  • business owner with clients who stay for years and years once they start working with me

  • co-founder of a non-profit, Miles With Maeve

  • online marketing expert responsible for leads that have generated close to 7 FIGURES in sales for my clients

  • international award-winning documentary maker & 3-time Olympic Games freelancer

  • career counselor for clients in transition

  • undergraduate & graduate professor at top communication schools

  • mom of a baby, Fiora, an angel baby, (Maeve Evalyn, 3.4.15), survivor of 3 miscarriages

  • breeder of rare Egyptian Arabian horses

  • high-achieving, driven woman who's also a sensitive, intuitive introvert!

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 I didn't grow up rich.

I've built multiple companies from the ground up, and I know firsthand how to successfully turn your passion or side gig into an online business that makes you REAL money. 

Clients come to me for encouragement and support that increases their confidence with a combination of strategy, skills & self-belief.

Through our work together, you are enlightened and empowered to get visible, be your true self, and write the story that on only YOU can provide the world.

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George Addair said, "Everything you've ever wanted is on the other side of fear." Are you ready to discover it for yourself?