What advice would you give to someone who wants to start a side hustle? What can someone do if they don’t know where to start?

This question from top entrepreneurial podcaster Jeff Brown asked me is a GREAT one, so I’m sharing my answer with YOU:

🗬 “I think we often approach this backwards. We look outside of ourselves to validate something we’re going to spend most of our days doing - to the market, to the economy, to what people around us are doing, what we can Google.

I believe mindset is so important because as I always say, if the mindset is strong, the strategy is simple.  If you skip mindset, you’re taking an employee mindset (the one almost all of us have been trained to have) and trying to apply it to something where you want to be boss-free.

The mindset piece really includes learning how to think like an entrepreneur, and helps you explore what I call the 3 Ps: your Personality, Passions and Preferences.

Industry leader Dan Miller says in his bestselling book  "48 Days To The Work You Love" that 85% of this business-building process is internal.

And yet almost all of us have it backwards.

If you want to start a side-hustle that can lead into an income-replacing day job, the first thing to do is explore those three Ps. I built my business around strategies that serve my three Ps. And YOU get to be successful doing work online in any way that YOU want.

If you design it around what someone else says you should be doing, your side hustle is going to feel as bad as that 9-5 does/did.

The one thing no one can ever copy from you, or compete with you on, is your story. Someone will buy from you because of your story.  They’re ultimately going to connect with you and buy from you because they know, like and trust you which comes from your story. You don’t have to share everything about yourself, but starting to open up about who you are and what you can do is to help them is ultimately the distinguisher and answers the question, “Why would someone hire me?,” and renders competition irrelevant!

What do you think of this approach - do you feel like maybe you’ve been approaching it backwards, by looking outside of yourself for validation? Have you explored your own 3 Ps - Personality, Passions and Preferences - or your story, to help determine where to start (or go next) with your own business?


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