"What do you do when someone rains on your parade?” 

I get asked this question a LOT, so when Jeff Brown of the Read To Lead podcast asked me that recently, I wanted to share the answer with you!

🗬 “Congratulations - this is a rite of passage.

I often quote Darren Hardy by saying, 'Only take advice from someone you’d trade places with.' This bit of advice has been guiding me ever since I started Life With Passion.

So, here’s the question to ask yourself:

Does the person offering their unsolicited opinion have the career and life I want?

If not, it’s akin to asking a (*cough*) less-than-fit person how to prepare for a body-building contest.  It’s not valid advice.

You might love them and value your relationship with them, and therefore want to value their opinion, but it’s key for you to recognize that they’re simply not QUALIFIED to weigh in on this subject.

And that’s okay--love them anyway, and find other things in common to connect over!”

What do you think? Have you given yourself permission to “ignore” unhelpful advice and opinions, even if it comes from someone you love and respect? Or will you start now?