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Ever feel the pressure of choosing a business idea that has to be THE thing (your purpose, mission, passion) FOR-EVER?

Me too, and so have a lot of high-achievers I talk to!

Here’s what I had to say recently to my friend, top podcaster Jeff Brown, when he interviewed me on his Boss-Free Virtual Summit:

🗬Jeff Brown: You weren’t afraid to do something for a little while and then pivot. You didn’t start by saying. “I know exactly what I’m going to do forever.” Why is this important?

🗬Me ;) : There’s so much pressure we put on ourselves to find our mission, our passion, find our purpose, etc. I love all that stuff. But I knew my initial goal was to get out of my job and do my own thing. And I loved the work I was doing [running an online marketing agency], and it served its purpose. It was in my zone of EXCELLENCE. But then I had the real opportunity to push for another level that I wanted to explore: My Zone of Genius (thank you to the book The Big Leap for that definition!).

I’m grateful for every single thing I learned during my 5 years with my side hustle, and then in the 5 years I spent full-time in that business before I even started Life With Passion. Nothing is wasted. Clarity comes from taking action, and not from sitting around thinking about it or telling yourself you don’t have time. If you’re here, you probably love learning, so having a business where you get to grow and learn into the best version of yourself and get paid along the way is the ultimate goal.

So, tell me below, how would it feel to just START with what’s in front of you, even if you’re not sure it’s the end-all, be-all, perfect-forever business? Or, have you done that in the past, and has it led you to where you are today, too?