Do you find certain mindset issues affect some people more than others?


What’s your philosophy around “Mindset isn’t the most important thing, it’s the only thing”? Do you find certain mindset issues affect some people more than others?

Another thought-provoking question I was asked in the Boss-Free Virtual Summit that I wanted to share with you! My answer:

🗬 “I definitely think that struggles are different amongst different people. I work with high-achievers, who are passionate, tend to be sensitive, empathetic, and want to make a difference in the world. And with these similarities, my clients tend to get caught up on the same things, no matter their differences.

I do think the women I work with tend to get more hung up/hold themselves back because it’s harder for them to do things like:

-stand up for themselves
-let go of being a people pleaser
-do something other than take care of everyone first because it feels selfish

So in our work together, once we address these issues as needed, it opens up so much space and energy for easily building a business and booking clients without the guilt that can so quickly sabotage you if you HAVEN’T done that foundational work first.

What role has/does mindset play(ed) for you? Which mindset pieces have you focused most on, and what are your top mindset tips or questions?



What advice would you give to someone who wants to start a side hustle?


What advice would you give to someone who wants to start a side hustle? What can someone do if they don’t know where to start?

This question from top entrepreneurial podcaster Jeff Brown asked me is a GREAT one, so I’m sharing my answer with YOU:

🗬 “I think we often approach this backwards. We look outside of ourselves to validate something we’re going to spend most of our days doing - to the market, to the economy, to what people around us are doing, what we can Google.

I believe mindset is so important because as I always say, if the mindset is strong, the strategy is simple.  If you skip mindset, you’re taking an employee mindset (the one almost all of us have been trained to have) and trying to apply it to something where you want to be boss-free.

The mindset piece really includes learning how to think like an entrepreneur, and helps you explore what I call the 3 Ps: your Personality, Passions and Preferences.

Industry leader Dan Miller says in his bestselling book  "48 Days To The Work You Love" that 85% of this business-building process is internal.

And yet almost all of us have it backwards.

If you want to start a side-hustle that can lead into an income-replacing day job, the first thing to do is explore those three Ps. I built my business around strategies that serve my three Ps. And YOU get to be successful doing work online in any way that YOU want.

If you design it around what someone else says you should be doing, your side hustle is going to feel as bad as that 9-5 does/did.

The one thing no one can ever copy from you, or compete with you on, is your story. Someone will buy from you because of your story.  They’re ultimately going to connect with you and buy from you because they know, like and trust you which comes from your story. You don’t have to share everything about yourself, but starting to open up about who you are and what you can do is to help them is ultimately the distinguisher and answers the question, “Why would someone hire me?,” and renders competition irrelevant!

What do you think of this approach - do you feel like maybe you’ve been approaching it backwards, by looking outside of yourself for validation? Have you explored your own 3 Ps - Personality, Passions and Preferences - or your story, to help determine where to start (or go next) with your own business?


Ready to learn the KEY strategic step you can take right now to ensure your passion-based business’ success? Get it for free in Chapter 1 of my #1 bestselling book, The Income Replacement Formula: Seven Simple Steps To Doing What You Love And Making Six Figures From Anywhere! Download it now.



What do you do when someone rains on your parade?


"What do you do when someone rains on your parade?” 

I get asked this question a LOT, so when Jeff Brown of the Read To Lead podcast asked me that recently, I wanted to share the answer with you!

🗬 “Congratulations - this is a rite of passage.

I often quote Darren Hardy by saying, 'Only take advice from someone you’d trade places with.' This bit of advice has been guiding me ever since I started Life With Passion.

So, here’s the question to ask yourself:

Does the person offering their unsolicited opinion have the career and life I want?

If not, it’s akin to asking a (*cough*) less-than-fit person how to prepare for a body-building contest.  It’s not valid advice.

You might love them and value your relationship with them, and therefore want to value their opinion, but it’s key for you to recognize that they’re simply not QUALIFIED to weigh in on this subject.

And that’s okay--love them anyway, and find other things in common to connect over!”

What do you think? Have you given yourself permission to “ignore” unhelpful advice and opinions, even if it comes from someone you love and respect? Or will you start now?



How would it feel to just START with what’s in front of you, even if you’re not sure it’s the end-all, be-all, perfect-forever business?

AccountableDay1 - Copy.jpg

Ever feel the pressure of choosing a business idea that has to be THE thing (your purpose, mission, passion) FOR-EVER?

Me too, and so have a lot of high-achievers I talk to!

Here’s what I had to say recently to my friend, top podcaster Jeff Brown, when he interviewed me on his Boss-Free Virtual Summit:

🗬Jeff Brown: You weren’t afraid to do something for a little while and then pivot. You didn’t start by saying. “I know exactly what I’m going to do forever.” Why is this important?

🗬Me ;) : There’s so much pressure we put on ourselves to find our mission, our passion, find our purpose, etc. I love all that stuff. But I knew my initial goal was to get out of my job and do my own thing. And I loved the work I was doing [running an online marketing agency], and it served its purpose. It was in my zone of EXCELLENCE. But then I had the real opportunity to push for another level that I wanted to explore: My Zone of Genius (thank you to the book The Big Leap for that definition!).

I’m grateful for every single thing I learned during my 5 years with my side hustle, and then in the 5 years I spent full-time in that business before I even started Life With Passion. Nothing is wasted. Clarity comes from taking action, and not from sitting around thinking about it or telling yourself you don’t have time. If you’re here, you probably love learning, so having a business where you get to grow and learn into the best version of yourself and get paid along the way is the ultimate goal.

So, tell me below, how would it feel to just START with what’s in front of you, even if you’re not sure it’s the end-all, be-all, perfect-forever business? Or, have you done that in the past, and has it led you to where you are today, too?



What are you doing TODAY to write your freedom story?


"When you focus on doubt, you see obstacles. When you focus on possibilities, you see options." -ME!

You can only focus on one thought or feeling at a time. So when you focus on doubt, your mind finds all of the reasons that doubt could be true.

When you focus on possibilities, that powerful brain of yours can start to see all the ones that might be right for you!

You are writing your freedom story, moment by moment, day by day--so what are you focusing on?

What are you doing TODAY to write your freedom story? What are you celebrating, or where are you feeling stuck on the path to the freedom you desire?



The FINAL thing you need to do in creating your signature offer


These past two weeks I’ve been sharing exactly HOW you can easily create your signature offer (Step 4 of my proven process, The Income Replacement Formula) so that you can start bringing in clients ASAP! 

The final thing you need to do in creating your signature offer is to OFFER to continue working together. That’s right, you need to work INTO THE PROCESS the appeal, benefits and results of signing on with you for a longer time.

There is no lead more “warm” than someone who has already agreed to work with you, AND whom you’ve just helped out big time! 

When you can say, “We solved this big problem together and I want to help you solve more of your problems,” this is such a great way to help your client keep the momentum going with the work you’ve already done together! 

This week we talked about pricing your initial offer, and it’s also important to know that when you sell something like this, you can offer to provide a credit that will apply toward a longer-term, more expensive package. This can be a huge incentive to someone! It’s like paying for the starter-pack AND getting to apply it as a down payment to an even more transformational package.

Let’s review the 4 keys to building your signature offer:

✔️ #1 Answer: What 1 problem can you help someone solve in a half-day?

✔️ #2 Market your offer based around your process to get them from before to after

✔️ #3 Price your offer according to what's right for YOU

✔️ #4 Offer (and incentivize) to continue working together

So, there you have it! Step by step, how you can go and quickly build your signature program and get it sold NOW! 

Does it seem easier than you thought it would be? I love keeping it simple for you; it's one of my superpowers. 

How are you feeling about this now? What questions can I answer for you about building your own signature offer, or what do you plan to offer yours around?



2nd Super Simple Strategy about Pricing your offer


What's my 2nd super-simple strategy in pricing your half-day, quick-win offer (or ANY offer, for that matter)?!!

Figure out what you’re already getting paid or have been paid in the past in your day job, previous business, or anywhere you made money, and calculate the hourly rate you've been paid before.

Example: if you are or were paid $50,000 a year to work a full-time job, your rough hourly rate is half of that, minus the last 3 zeroes--so $25/hour.

Once you have that number, multiply it by how many hours it will take you to deliver your offer, and ask yourself, does that number make me want to throw up to think about charging?  Does it feel too low? And adjust from there.

Now, I know that when we're running a business full-time, you're extremely efficient if you're billing even 20 hours a week, so why start with this rate?

Because, when we’re getting started in a service-based business, we tend to be comfortable charging what someone has already paid us to do something, even if unrelated, in the past. And, even if you're working on replacing your income, if your confidence level doesn't yet allow you to charge that amount, then you’re not going to sell it confidently. You need to ease into it--and remember that you can raise your prices as your confidence in the value you offer grows.

I know that my strategies might seem overly simplified sometimes. But I think the more we overcomplicate things, the more barriers we create to making the money I believe you can be making--NOW. You’re going raise your prices as your confidence grows, as you get testimonials, as you create your own signature process. 

But you DO NOT have to wait for those things to start making money--you can be making it as you serve NOW.

So, tell me, how does this strategy strike you? After looking at it this way, what questions do you have for me about pricing?



Next Step - Pricing your offer


So, what’s next in the process of creating your offer?

We’ve already reviewed the 3 essential elements to your program - 1) solve 1 problem, 2) do it in a half-day, and 3) decide what else you'll include to support your clients' results.

Now, it’s time to price it! (Does that stress you out? You're not alone!)

Have you been wondering what the heck to charge? I've got 2 strategies for ya--one I'll share today, and one tomorrow.

First, let's get this out of the way--I DON'T recommend looking around at what everyone else is charging for a frame of reference. Yes, we've all done it, but it almost never works--it just makes us more confused/overwhelmed/swimming in self-doubt.

It's also just asking to get all mixed up in their money stories and decisions without really knowing why they charge what they charge or what went into those decisions.

Bottom line--You need to be confident in your price in order to sell it.

And what's the strategy for that?

This is a little dramatic, but I call it the "throw up test" - what price can you comfortably say to a potential client without wanting to throw up?

️THAT's the price you're going to be able to sell your offer for.

There are a million different pricing strategies out there, but I like this one best because it addresses the real issue with most of us--our own discomfort with charging for working in our Zone of Genius!

Tell me, when you think about a price that you could charge without throwing up, does a number pop into your head? Or do you have questions about this strategy?



What’s unique or essential about what your program would deliver?


Last week we started a deep dive on how to create your own signature offer--the super practical 4th step in The Income Replacement Formula! (review ALL 7 steps by downloading the first chapter of my bestselling book for free at

On Thursday and Friday I talked a bit more on the essential elements to a surefire , quick-win program and WHY I recommend 1) solving 1 big problem and 2) doing it in half a day. And stay tuned, because later this week we’re going to talk about pricing!

But first, let’s consider--What else will you include in the offer to support their results?

Because I know that a lot of the high-achievers in my community are introverts ️, it helps inform how the process will go for MY half-day Clarity, Confidence & Clients intensive.

We meet on Zoom, we decide ahead of time what we’re going to work on, we take a few breaks for our brains and our bodies, we record it so that they can be present and don’t have to focus on taking notes. Then they can come back and revisit our work as they continue to process it and work through it in the coming months.

Each situation is different, and learning those unique factors issues and problems that apply to my client ahead of time is key to staying focused and being super productive with our limited time.

So what will your process look like for the half-day?

  • ️What unique details inform how your client works?

  • ️How do YOU work, communicate and lead best to help your clients?

  • ️Once a client has signed on, what research do you need to in advance of your half-day session?

Answer these questions and you’ll be on your way in designing the perfect process to lead your clients through with expertise and confidence!



Creating your offer - Do it in half a day (or less!)


Happy Friday, ladies! All this week (and next!) we’ve been breaking down Step 4 of The Income Replacement Formula: Creating Your Offer!

So now let’s think about the second essential element to a super-simple, quick-win-style offer:

Do it in a half-day (or less!)

WHY do I recommend a half day? Wouldn’t a full day be even better?

Well, because in addition to providing a quick win, research shows (and I’ve learned as an educator) that a full day online is just.plain.TOO.MUCH.

Even 3 hours--with scheduled breaks--is intense and both you and your client are going to be brain-tired--in the best way --by the end. Go much longer, and you won’t have it in you to continue to be as productive and efficient as you want to be.

And diminishing returns doesn't serve either of you.

3 hours can be contained to a morning, an afternoon or an evening, rather than committing ALL DAY, and will make it that much easier on BOTH of your schedules.

How does a half-day sound to you? Do you feel like you’d struggle to fill the time, or not have enough time to get through everything?

If it’s the former, as you flesh this out on your own, consider what additional value you could bring to your offer. There might be more you could dig deeper on that you hadn’t previously thought about.

On the other hand, If you believe you wouldn’t have enough time, think about how you can narrow your focus on the most important elements to solving your client’s 1 big problem.



Creating your offer, it's time to dig a little deeper!


As we've been discussing Step 4 of The Income Replacement Formula, creating your offer 📝, it's time to dig a little deeper!

Let's explore the first essential element to a super-simple, quick-win-style offer-- solve 1 problem.

Why solve just 1 problem (and how)?

I see people try to take a big transformation and cram it into a half-day. That would be a mistake.  A half day intensive or offer can solve 1 big problem, but it cannot take the place of what should be a 6-month, or longer term, transformation process, during which there is time for learning, testing, feedback, tweaking and integration.

To solve that 1 problem, consider: What specific process will take them through a clear BEFORE to AFTER, problem-solving result?

Let's say your goal is building long-term health. You can’t just spend half a day in the gym and meet your goals (although I so wish that was true, who's with me? 😂). But you COULD take a half-day class with a trainer and learn an arsenal of methods and exercises that you will put into action in the coming weeks and months. Does that make sense?

If, like me, you're able to help someone solve something in business (for my clients, often it's the biggest thing they've been procrastinating on or just want to have under their belt DONE) like:

✔️finishing their website (FINALLY)

✔️setting up their packaging, pricing, and even payment processor & contract so they can finally sign clients!

✔️designing a 90-day marketing plan, method and messaging so that they know exactly where and how to get and stay visible to make money!

...Then share THAT!

People love knowing they can get the work done WHILE you're working together so make sure you include that in your messaging--the BEFORE to AFTER result.

Tell me: What's 1 problem YOU could easily help your client solve?



What 1 problem can YOU solve for a client?


This week I’m sharing exactly HOW you can create your signature offer and start bringing in clients! 

Creating your OFFER is Step 4 of my proven process, The Income Replacement Formula. Once you’ve got Steps 1-3 (Decision, Mindset, & Niche) under your belt (and not one second sooner!), you’ll be ready to tackle this.

So, let’s get started on creating an offer that feels exciting to sell and to deliver (because then you actually will, right)?

A key question to ask: What ONE problem can you help someone solve in a half-day?

We rightfully spend a lot of time building out our longer-term transformational offer, like a 3 to 6 month program, but there is also real power in having an offer that is a one-time, "knock it out of the park" offer.

And the beauty is this can also be a lower price point, which can help you reach people are aren’t ready to invest in your long-term packages. 

A half-day provides a really quick win for someone and we all want a quick win right now, am I right? Everyone talks about the “silver bullet,” and we all want to believe the promises, as unlikely as they seem. But there IS a space for authentic quick wins, when you narrow down on just 1 problem and work through it during a half-day session.

Here are a few examples to get the ideas flowing:

💡 Idea #1: One thing I can help knock out for a client in 3 hours is a 3-month plan for their business. Their package, their pricing, their content/messaging/marketing and where they’re going to put that for the next 90 days. They’re going to get more done in 3 hours on their business than they’ve probably gotten accomplished in the past 3 months.

💡 Idea #2: I have a client who is a money mindset coach with an offering that is designed to help create the perfect affirmations for her client. She’ll help them immediately bust through the blocks that have keeping them from making more money. When her clients are done with her process, that’s something they can take and immediately implement.

💡 Idea #3: If you’re a VA, graphic designer, social media manager… you could offer a half-day virtual session in which you help your client get organized, get caught up and get systems in place so they have a clear plan going forward.

💡 Idea #4: I have a client who is a food blogger and specializes in meal planning and prep with a focus on family dinners. She offers a virtual pantry makeover where she helps her clients organize their pantry, figure out what staples they need to have, and how it should all be kept. They can walk away with an organized pantry and a list of what they need to get.

You see, this can apply to so many different industries!

In the examples I just gave you clients could walk away with…

️✔️ a 90 day plan to get more visible and book more clients

️✔️ money and mindset affirmations to use right away to make more money

️✔️ an organized inbox and a plan going forward to create more time and space in their day

️✔️ an clean pantry, grocery list and a meal prep plan to make providing quality family dinners easy and stress-free

So tell me, taking a look at your skills, paired with your personality, passions and preferences, what 1 problem can YOU solve for a client?



How to quickly create your signature program--& sell it NOW!


How to quickly create your signature program--& sell it NOW!

I get this question a LOT so I want to help you understand exactly WHEN it's time in your business to create your offer, so that you don't stress out for nothin'!

What do I mean?

So often, we put pressure on ourselves saying things like “I should be making money already!” when we don’t even have an actual offer yet!

So first ask yourself--do I have an offer I'm excited to sell?  If not, whether you don't have one or you want to revisit yours, let's do this!

In my bestselling book The Income Replacement Formula, my custom method for replacing your income so that you can quit or stay out of your 9-5, step 4 of 7 is: Create Your Offer.

That's right, Step 4. You might need to take a step back, because it’s important you don’t SKIP steps 1-3 (Decision, Mindset and Niche), or you’ll be floundering through the later steps. But NAIL those first 3, and this key step of creating your offer is going to go much, much more smoothly because you did the work of getting clarity on who it's for!

(Wondering if you don't have those down? You can review them in the first chapter of the book for free at

So, if you’re still in Steps 1-3, that is OKAY, and now you know where to focus!

If you’re ready for creating your signature offer in Step 4, then buckle up! I’m about to bring you a ton of clarity and action steps so that you’ll be well on your way to crafting your own personal offering.☺️

Before we move ahead with this, which step of The Income Replacement Formula are you in right now? Or have you already nailed the first 4 and have a different question? Let me know!



Do you know that you have the ability to create exactly what you desire in your business?


💕"What lies behind you & what lies in front of you pales in comparison to what lies INSIDE of you." -Ralph Waldo Emerson💕

I've loved this quote since my last semester of college, when my sister pasted it at the bottom of a photo frame with a picture she'd taken of me when I was studying abroad at Oxford.

It was a lifelong dream come true to study there, but I'd also just broken up with my first love, the guy I spent years believing I would marry.... because he didn't want to marry me. I was getting ready to graduate, without a plan, without a partner, so different than what I'd expected or dreamed of.

This quote applies to SO MANY other areas of life, too, including business-building.

NO MATTER WHAT you've been through and NO MATTER WHAT you're facing, YOU have the ability to create exactly what you desire in your business:

❤️ A booked-out practice full of clients you love
❤️ A 6-figure business
❤️ Working part-time and having tons of time for your family, fur and human
❤️ Making a difference in THOUSANDS of lives
❤️ Giving away real, life-changing money to causes you care about

NO MATTER WHAT. If I can do it, so can you.

Do you believe it?



“When the mindset is strong, the strategy is simple.”

37607831_10104475925201903_2631186665921576960_n - Copy.jpg

“When the mindset is strong, the strategy is simple.”

This is something I say to and work on with my clients all the time. But when I was getting started in business, I didn’t even know mindset was a THING, much less a critical and totally learnable element of growing a business and life you love.

Now it’s an absolute cornerstone of my work with high-achievers, because action is important, but it’s our default and it only takes us so far.

When your mindset is off, you tend to question everything, tell yourself you’re doing it wrong, and likely try to fix something that may not even be broken!

Here’s an example-- I remember one particular day that was one of those quiet, emotional, contemplative rainy kind of days. I’d woke up in the middle of the night, sad and missing Maeve. My husband woke up the next morning excited because for the first time, he saw Maeve in a dream, something he’s been wanting ever since she left.

5 years ago, I would have told myself I just needed to push through and be productive, that checking items off my to-do list was paramount (because I believe action was the only thing directly tied to making moolah). But because now I know the ultimate importance of mindset, and how IT determines our outcomes EVEN MORE than action (WHAT? It’s true tho), even though I had plenty to do, I knew I needed to rest, reflect, and let myself feel the feelings.

That didn’t mean I did nothing, but it meant I was kind to myself, went to my coffee shop, wrote, did yoga for the first time in months, journaled, meditated, prayed, made my little family a whole foods-filled comfort meal, took a long hot shower, and ate well. It meant I let myself take things at a slower pace, cry when I felt like crying, and work as it felt good.

The result? I wrote over 2300 words (including these) in just a few hours and it felt EASY because I took the pressure off and gave myself what I needed clients tell me I’m really good at teaching them how to do this with their own particular situations, too ;).

Some of you may find it easy to live in the moment. Others of you, like me, may be by default driven by gettin’ stuff donnneeeee (maybe you even get a high from it? Anyone? Anyone? Just me?).

Regardless of how spontaneous or to-do list oriented you are, taking responsibility for and charge over your mindset allows you to step into your power as a co-creator and helps you to choose your thoughts and feelings rather than hanging on for the wild ride they might choose to take you on in any given day when they’re allowed to run untamed like a herd of wild animals and you’re hanging on to one of their tails for dear life.

How do mindset & action play into the way you’re building your business? Do you tend to focus more on one or the other?


You CAN get unstuck and start to make real, tangible progress toward your dream life and business NOW. Get the proven road map by grabbing my bestselling book, The Income Replacement Formula: Seven Simple Steps To Doing What You Love And Making Six Figures From Anywhere available on Amazon, Audible and iTunes.



What stories have you had to let go of in order to reach your dreams?


When I had my first job I was making $30,000 as a professor and while that was not much I also felt like I was living large b/c it was literally 3x what I was making as a grad student (and living on loans). There, I’d figured out how to live on $10k/year + loans w/2 little rabbits and my first solo apt, where even then I was learning luxury on a student budget like cooking risotto and making meringue nests instead of ramen!

Coming to KY & making $30k/year and having that be enough to support me + a horse--well, it showed me what was possible, but of course I was DIY-ing it, doing it on the CHEAP.

And that’s something that served me for a time but there came a time to let go of that mentality because I wanted to have things other than hand-me-down everything, to be able to do things like take lessons and go to shows and give massive amounts away.

What stories have you had to let go of in order to reach your dreams?

Have you gotten help to do it?



Do you find excitement in your work?


There was about a decade of my life where I thought I needed to play it “cool” and I hid who I really was.

Not in an actual “cool girl” way (HA--I was always the nice girl :) ), but more of a reserved way, because I thought that’s what it meant to be professional and successful.

But one of the things I’ve studied is WHY I like some of my favorite musicians across genres, and in a shower inspiration moment, I realized that 3 of my favorite dudes--Justin Timberlake, Chris Thile (of The Punch Brothers, formerly of Nickel Creek), and Chris Martin (of Coldplay), have maintained a sense of childlike wonder, joy, appreciation, gratitude, and excitement when they perform, despite each having achieved massive success and acclaim.

When I met Chris Thile (arguably the best mandolin player in the world, a MacArthur Genius grant recipient, and basically a legend), I thanked him for an album that helped me get through a bad breakup. I told him, “I think this was the best album of the year.” He immediately gave me a huge hug and said “Oh my gosh, thank you so much!!!!”

I was so surprised that I almost fell over (and of course I blushed big-time). Instead of him saying the generic, “Thanks so much,” and moving on to the next fan, it was a beautiful moment of genuine appreciation for someone enjoying his art, and it stood out to me for that reason.

It would be easy for these guys to get jaded, become insular and surround themselves with “yes” people, and rest on their laurels as many celebs do. I’ve met and seen a bunch of them. This so often leads to them getting out of touch, cynical, losing their creativity, and alienating the fan bases responsible for their support.

But each of these 3 continues to push themselves, appreciate and feature the talents of others, and set an example of what’s possible with the right attitude--a long, fulfilling and rewarding career.

And that inspires me to maintain the same sense of excitement that Fi brings to everything because whether you’re 2 or 2x many years ;), finding excitement and passion for your work every day is a choice!



What do you do with unsolicited advice?

"Only take advice from someone you'd trade places with." -Darren Hardy

I remember getting a DM over on Instagram from someone who’s not even following me to suggest that I change up my profile to make it better. You know, one of those "I'm just trying to be helpful" comments.

And you know what's CRIZ-AZY? I totally noticed that my brain's first reaction was to want to and follow this person’s advice out of FOMO or the misguided story of "everyone else knows better than me and if I want to be nice I should take their advice" I used to tell myself. I had to actively fight giving my power away! But because I know to look for these things, I took a step back and considered it for a second.

While I know it’s far from perfect and of course there's always room for tweaking, improving and growing, I'm proud of the genuine and authentic way I show up. Would I want to trade places with this person on Instagram? Um, I have approximately 50 times the number of followers they do, so...a big fat no.

And then, because I was giving myself the space to consider instead of reacting, I remembered that someone I really DO admire (and who I WOULD trade places with on Instagram, she has a beautiful brand and about 40x the number of followers I do)...had affirmed what I was doing there and contradicted the random DM-er's unsolicited advice.

All of this happened in a matter of seconds, because I've done the work and gotten the support to understand my own personal version of sneaky self-sabotages so that I can look out for them ('cause we all got 'em!).

And I share this because no matter where you are in building your business, whether you look like you've got it all together, you're feeling overwhelmed with all the things you COULD do and procrastinating on really doing any of them, or somewhere in between, this stuff pops up, and learning to think like an entrepreneur is how you move through it.

I think it’s so important to notice that we have that tendency toward negativity bias (it's an old survival mechanism in our brains that we've largely outgrown the need for in our modern world), to be able to take a step back and make a decision even if it goes against our default wiring.

When you get advice, CONSIDER THE SOURCE before you consider taking it on. Does that person have what you want in the area of life/business that they're offering "help" around?

Just like someone who isn't actively growing an Instagram account is unqualified to give advice on how to make mine better, if someone in your life is feeling stuck in a soul-sucking 9-5, or is always talking about how hard it is to get clients/make money, are they the best one to listen to about what's possible in your own business?

See what I'm sayin'?

Does this make sense? Do you have your own examples?



What's your Freedom story?


I have a good friend whose family is quite wealthy. One time when I visited her family’s home, I was feeling this strange mix of both inspired and jealous (a little bit judgmental), because I didn’t have the wealth myself.

I tried to break it down to something I could learn and apply (without having to do the hard work of dealing with what was really keeping me stuck and jealous)--so I asked her dad for a book on how to get to that level of success.

At that point, I was wise enough to be looking for clues from people who had the level of success I wanted. However, even though I’m an avid reader, now I know that books are great for inspiration and showing you what’s possible, but, for many of us, not the best resource to help us implement. This is particularly true when you’ve got a lifetime of stories about a topic as charged as money.

For years I told myself this unconscious story of ️“I don’t know how to get the wealth I desire, so I’ll tell myself that it’s wrong to be that wealthy”️ (thereby protecting myself from having to deal with that inner value conflict). Can you see how that judgment was holding me back from having it?

It’s been an incredibly important part of my journey to come to understand and respect that EVERYONE has their own desires and journey and that other peoples’ AIN’T MY BIZ to judge! My work is to forgive myself, release the judgments that had a grip on me, accept and own my God-given desires that I was literally born with, and help others to do the same.

I feel a little bit vulnerable sharing this because I know some people have had an easier time getting this lesson than me, but it’s worth the discomfort because I know some of YOU have a lifetime of unhelpful stories that are keeping you from getting what YOU want because somewhere in your brain you’ve told yourself you’re not allowed or that it’s not safe.

SO many times I see this with entrepreneurship--all the reasons why we “can’t” or “shouldn’t” have what we want and that keeps us stuck. Here’s to letting go of those stories, forgiving ourselves, and being the beautiful representations of this amazing world that we were created to be!

Can you relate? What story have you been carrying around that you need to set yourself free from?



Has there been an impactful experience that’s stopped you from doing what you love?


️Let me tell you about the time one of my clients fired me and it crushed me.

When I was running my first business, an online marketing agency for clients all over the country, I was hired to write artist bios for a top agency. It was an exciting gig for me because I LOVE peoples’ stories and I got to interview them, write up the highlights, and see my words appear on a big website.

They were happy with my work and all was well, until the day I was hiking in gorgeous Big Sur, CA, right before my sister’s wedding, and I checked my email on my phone (hello, bad boundaries!). I had an email waiting for me telling me my work was subpar, clearly unprofessional, and they had no use for me anymore.


Now I’m acutely aware of my weaknesses (as all high-achievers are!), but writing ain’t one of ‘em. I take pride in my work and as a sensitive person on top of that, I was crushed.

I started crying right then and there on the trail, right next to the Pacific Ocean.

And it shook my confidence because it was so out-of-the-blue and I’d done my BEST.

Looking back on it, I realize now that I was people-pleasing the heck out of the staff in that office and they were NOT my people. They were competitive, not afraid to lie or back-stab, and only about winning.

And because they had a “cool,” glamorous business, and because I believed I just needed to take whatever work came my way, I put up with it until someone’s random agenda decided I needed to be let go (which, of course, years later I can see was in my highest good).

That could have stopped me from writing. The lie that my work was “sub-par” could have taken root and never let go. It could have stopped me from using my writing to build a community, to share hope, possibility and healing with my community, to write a #1 bestselling book (HELLOOOO!!!!).

I hear a lot from you who have had similar painful experiences, and I wonder, has there been an impactful experience that’s stopped you--temporarily or for longer--from doing something that you love and are good at?

Are you open to changing that today? I’m cheering you on! #neverthelessshepersisted️