The Income Replacement Formula: Author Signed Copy

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The Income Replacement Formula: Author Signed Copy

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The Income Replacement Formula: 7 Simple Steps to Doing What You Love & Making Six Figures From Anywhere
Paperback copy
Signed by the author

What does it take to…
Start a successful business while you’re still working in a job?
Believe in yourself enough to walk away from that job?
Build your “side business” into a freedom-based lifestyle, so you can be, do, and have all that you were meant to?

In The Income Replacement Formula, author Christine McAlister shares the simple 7-step formula that helped her overcome her own personal tragedy, and then realize her dreams of discovering and building a business around her unique gifts. This is the same formula she uses with her high-level clients every day, to help them live their own dreams of freedom and fulfillment. If you’re a woman who has been thinking about quitting your job or starting a business since… what feels like forever… or you already have a business that’s just not working the way you wish it would... this is your book.