What We'll cover:

Week 1: Get Clear

  • Learn my simple system for identifying your ideal media outlets so that you can quickly choose where to pitch first
  • Get to know your chosen outlets so that your pitch grabs their attention
  • Determine your top 3 "Zone of Genius" topics to pitch


Week 2: Get Primed

  • Create your perfect pitch & how to customize it for each outlet
  • Get access to my perfect pitch that's landed me top features like The Huffington Post, Entrepreneur On Fire, Thrive Global and The Today Show's Parents blog
  • Create a super subject line that gets opened so your pitch doesn't get lost in a sea of inbound emails (some podcasters get hundred of pitches every month!)

Week 3: Get Pitched

  • Get my support to create your own pitches to your top 5 outlets so that you pitch your strategic media outlets during our time together and also learn the replicable process for yourself, so that going forward you can get as much publicity as you want to grow your business!
  • Design or choose a freebie/opt-in that's aligned with your main topics so that it will be magnetic to your ideal customers

Week 4: Get Pumped

  • Depending on your preferred outlet, we'll either get you interview-ready by going through media training with me, so that you get more comfortable, or I'll edit your article for you + help you choose a photo + title for maximum impact
  • Learn how to best capitalize on the acceptances as they start rolling in, so that you can convert your new audience to cash-paying clients!
  • Make a plan to easily promote & keep repurposing your content so that you can maximize its impact & credibility and allow it to attract clients to you long-term


are you ready to get successful?

This is for you if:

  • You know who you're looking to reach and you're clear on exactly who you want to talk to!
  • You have something to sell so that when you reach your ideal people, you're ready to make a sale!

This is not for you if:

  • You've never shared about your business online before*
  • You aren't sure who you're looking to reach and still need to figure out your ideal client
  • You don't have a clear package to sell if someone came to you tomorrow and wanted to buy

*In that case, I recommend a half-day intensive with me to create a plan for your niche, visibility, and/or package.



I know it can feel scary to put yourself out there in this way, but you don't have to do it alone.

I'm here to hold you accountable, simplify the process, AND teach you exactly how to deliver a great interview or article that will make a lasting impression on those who read or hear it, and cause them to connect with you right away.

Sound good?




2 payments of $47 or 1 payment of $997


Just imagine...

If you got one new client from your visibility, what would that be worth to you? Just think how fast one feature that leads to one client could pay for itself!

In fact one of my recent articles added over 200 people to my list who wanted to engage with me and learn more about the exact topic I was teaching. Imagine how quickly that can turn to paid clients!

Remember, when you reach your audience where they already are, on the shows or blogs they already love, you instantly connect with them and position yourself as an expert in your niche. And, this isn't a one-time shot like a Facebook ad can be; it's a feature that will continue to pay dividends if you use it strategically, giving you the ability to build your list full of warm potential clients on autopilot--for FREE!

Let's use the power of media to get you seen and as successful as you want to be!