For many years, I got up every day and worked, doing what I knew to do, believing and living out a story that held me back BIG TIME--telling myself I didn't have enough time or money, living in fear that my dreams wouldn't come true because I hadn't started early enough, didn't have the right connections, wasn't outgoing enough, married, qualified enough... 

Now, when I talk to women, I often hear them believing in similar stories, and life feels lost or stuck to them. 

The exciting news? Every one of us has the chance to change, to find the clients we want for our businesses, so that we can live with the time, money, and freedom we so desperately want to believe could be ours, too. 

Yesterday, I read this quote and it summed this idea up so well:

"Let your mess become your message."
(Joyce Meyer)

So many of you have asked me how to get more clients, I recorded this special Periscope just for you. Give it a watch and discover how YOU, too, can make your mess your message and get more clients.

I believe in you,