I’m a personality nerd! 🤓🙋‍♀️

I was a career counselor in one of my 9-5s before I quit, so I learned a lot about assessments and how to help people take their personality and preferences and find their dream jobs.

Myers-Briggs is my favorite; I am an INFJ.
▶️ What are you?

INFJs are the rarest type, less than 1% of the population, but I think there’s a few reasons why INFJs seem to come out of the woodwork around each other. First of all, we are obsessed with personality so we all KNOW we are INFJs, and we always find each other, are drawn to each other.

Also, I think being the rarest type I believe we often feel alone, weird, or just different. The middle two letters, which in my case (and some of yours) is “NF” -- is the core of who you are. They call it the heart of type. NF stands for “Intuitive feeler”... you make decisions based on your intuition rather than on outside data, and you are a feeler first. Using your intuition you are able to sense who is like you, and that’s how we find each other!

I’m really passionate about using tools like Myers-Briggs, and usually it’s because my clients share 1 or both of those middle letters with me. I can help my clients translate their personality types into “This is what it means for your business,” “This is what visibility strategy we want to try first,” “This is what package we build,” “This is how your ideal schedule might work,” and all those external things that are influenced by the internal.

Knowing this little 4-letter code can help you understand so much about how you approach life and business and your potential strengths and weaknesses!

If you don’t know yours yet, you can take a free version here: