Do you have any limiting beliefs that you’ve become aware of?

I have a confession to make: My top limiting belief I still have to work on. My mentor Lacey Sites from A Lit Up LIfe calls it your “core story.”

It’s super annoying. 😂

I thought I was going to conquer it and check it off the list. I like for things to be DONE. But it’s like exercise. 🏃‍♀️💪 You can’t just do it once and be done with it. We all have limiting beliefs. And mine is that it needs to be hard.

I’m the oldest child in my family - and I got a lot of positive attention by achieving. I was a school nerd 🤓, and I worked hard, did all the right things, colored in the lines, and I learned that applying yourself gets you positive attention.

When it came to marrying that with my desire to start my own business, I thought it has to be hard and complicated. It has to be 40+ hours a week, overly attached to your phone, unable to delegate.... so that’s what I did with my first biz that got me out of my 9-5. I worked all the time, no one could do it as well as me, no one else cared (as much - which is probably true), and it was never enough to “feel safe.” There was a lot layered into that about identity and self-worth and what it means to attach your work to those things.

So, I keep at it. I don’t stop exercising that mindset muscle to beat back my limiting beliefs. The truth is that when you build a business around your 3 Ps, your personality, preferences and passions, you can build something that feels easy and that serves the life you want to have.

What are your limiting beliefs?