Monday question: If you had a list like Oprah's favorite things, what's one thing that would be on it right now?

For me, I’m really enjoying meditations from Dr. Joe Dispenza. He is a chiropractor by training who has done a lot of research, writing, and practice around the mind/body connection and how to train your brain how to become your best self. His latest book is called Becoming Supernatural: How Common People Are Doing the Uncommon.

In the book he tells us to stop living in the past, get to know yourself, and create a vision of who you want to be... and THEN surrender it and allow that to happen. For ME, being a type A person who tends to want to control things, these meditations are huge. Sitting in the meditations and visualizing what I desire and then being prompted to surrender that control and allow it to happen in the way that’s best for me is really, really good for that control freak part of me. 😉 I encourage you to check these out!