If you feel like time is your biggest limiting factor in building your business…

...please know that you really and truly don’t need that much time to start a successful business. It’s more about making sure you’re doing the RIGHT things, instead of distracting yourself with a million other projects because you’re scared to do the one thing you should be doing.

You know exactly what I mean, don’t you? 🙈

I have seen well-meaning people who in January are like, “My biggest goal is to launch my website!” and six months later the same people are like, “I have to nail down my About Me page on my website before I press publish….” And in those six months, they have made zero money because they put more importance on being “busy on the business” than on being visible.

And a website? It’s simply a tool. Like an email list, like admin programs, like a Facebook ad account.

All great tools at the right time in your business. You don’t need ANY of them to be making sales and building your business. 💣

What’s one thing you know you’ve been “wasting your time” on, either because you’re avoiding something else or because you were genuinely misguided on what’s the most important? 👇