When I suggest that high-achievers need to let go of the “be the hardest worker” mentality, I am NOT telling you to sit back and do nothing.

To spend your days at the spa 💅, or drinking your coffee ☕ on the back porch and finding your zen while expecting your business to magically build itself because of all the relaxing you did. 😂

You absolutely have to lay the foundation for your business--but it’s more about consistency than it is “crushing it 18 hours a day.”

I truly believe that the secret to success in business is simplicity. I think early in business when we have a lot of self-doubt and fear, it’s easier to embrace this “let-go” mentality to justify avoidance when we haven’t been visible that day, when we haven’t followed up with someone, or when we haven’t made an offer. Letting go of the “be the hardest worker” mentality is NOT the same as pressing an easy-escape button on the things that may be scaring you or leaving you stress-paralyzed.

It’s that process of knowing yourself--your weaknesses and where you stand in your business. Are you avoiding something you know in heart you need to do? Do you have the foundations of your business in place?

When you reach that point where you can say “I have these pieces in place,” and then you begin to trust that simplicity and that foundation is going to pay off.

And then you can go play instead of worrying that “it’s never enough.”

Where are you--have you reached that point? The one where you need to let go and trust the business you’ve built? Or are you still working on that foundation?