Do you have a morning or daily routine that you swear by?

I am really big on gratitude and I believe very strongly in proactively creating an outlook for the day, as opposed to waking up feeling how I am feeling and going with it. I tend to be an anxious person. As a high-achiever I can very easily get worried about the next thing, about what’s on my to do list, about not doing enough. What I found I have to be mindful of is waking up and immediately taking charge of reframing my thoughts and choosing how I want to think and feel about the day. Often that looks like gratitude. I love to journal. Writing comes naturally to me, and from there, I find that I allow myself to pick and choose based on what I’m thinking or needing. I really like to identify or confirm the big focus that I have for that day and timewise I like to carve out the time in the morning to do this when it’s quiet, before life comes rushing at me. I find a quick meditation session, or tapping session, can help me walk into the rest of my day on purpose, rather than reacting.
What routines have become an important part of your days, no matter the time of day? Do you feel “off” when you get away from those routines, for a time or even for a day?


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