What does success mean or look like to you?

We are living in a time when success is so much more “redefinable” than it was a few generations ago. The opportunities to really define our own version of success that are now open to us never existed before. And I think our mindsets haven’t caught up to the fact that we can truly design our own lives. We have access to everyone else who has internet access in the world, and we can build a business in the smallest niche and have it be wildly successful, we can work part time and travel the world, if that’s what we want. We talk ourselves out of it because of stories we’ve heard or beliefs we are holding on to. Success is figuring out what’s important to you and then designing and actually carrying out a vision to live that way.

What I heard growing up is that if you have extreme success in one area of your life, then other parts of your life will suffer. But I disagree with that. I think we have the ability to achieve success in the areas that are important to us, and we can be congruent to our values without certain parts suffering.


What does success mean to you? Either broadly or give me specific examples.
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