🗨️ "Share a few books or practices that have been revolutionary and help you keep in tune with your sense of self and listen to that voice that guides you."

The book I continue to read at least once a year is The Big Leap - it gives me chills to even say the title. I was just having a conversation with my dad about this, who is semi-retired. We were discussing this book and the concept behind it, that we all have an inner point for happiness that’s set when we are very young and our work is to become aware of it and learn to transcend it so we can have success in all areas of our life. My dad was kind of blown away with this idea. Here he is at the end of his career, unaware that something like this has driven a lot of his outcomes. When I read that book for the first time, I felt SEEN in a way that has never happened to me through a book before. Every one of my clients who read it has felt the same.

As for practices, meditation has been transformative for me. I think that I was a person who didn’t have time for the “softer stuff” in my previous work, like a morning routine. I was like, “Alright, straight on to billable hours!” That got me where it got me - which was burned out. Creating a life that I want, is so much easier - and this going to sound woo woo for someone as down to earth as me - when I come back to myself, when I feel grounded and powerful within myself and stop and breathe, I can know that I have the ability to create exactly what I want. I can decide how I’m going to feel about this day. Whether I was up all night with a kid or woke up feeling anxious for no good reason. Ultimately it’s up to me to decide. Because I have a very sensitive, overdrive kind of mind, very active, very “input input input”... meditating and getting quiet is absolutely key to me staying focused and becoming a more successful person in business and in life.


What book, resource, or practice helps you stay in tune with who you really are?


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