🗨️ "Tell me a personal story of a moment where you thought, It’s not working, now what?

I can remember a time that I went all in on a launch and did way more planning, thought and strategy, and really effort than I had ever done before on a launch. It was so exciting going in because I just knew it was going to be the most successful ever--I was giving it my best. And at the end of the launch it was a devastatingly low number of sales. To the point that I wasn’t even sure I could cover my expenses. It shook my confidence for weeks afterward. I had to start delivering a program to just a few people, when I had envisioned it being this huge thing that would change my business. As I was attempting to claw my way out of the pit I had thrown myself into, I realized how I’d been telling myself that it has to be hard and that hard work guarantees results.

That’s what we’ve been told and taught and frankly that’s what’s been true for humankind… we are living in an age when it’s not true, but we are still behaving like it is.

Business building doesn’t have to be hard, but we are making it hard. We create that self-imposed difficulty. It was really uncomfortable for me to sit with that realization that I had created exactly what I believed. My work was to start unraveling that, excavating it and unlearning it for the sake of my clients, myself, my family. I wouldn’t have come face to face with that, if it wasn’t for someone who really saw me, who saw all the work I put in, and was all up in my biz (literally!). She saw why it went the way that it did, helped me turn that around and release that so that I didn’t keep banging my head against the wall ready to give up.


Have you had a moment in your biz-building like I had? Is something currently causing you to “bang your head against the wall”?


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