It's not called FRI-YAY for nothing! What do you have planned for today or tonight that will bring fun and joy into your self-care?

I’m going to tell you--prioritizing FUN and JOY is the closest thing to a magic business-building bullet I’ve found for me and for my clients.


And I’m also fully aware that if you’d told me this 4 years ago I would have rolled my eyes and said, “Onto the next (“tangible”) strategy!

Because here’s the thing I know to be true for me, for my clients, and probably for you, too:

If you know what strategic to-dos are on your list, and you have the support and accountability to carry it out, you’re going to do them. As a high-achiever, action is your already your default. You’re not going to STOP working on your business if you add in fun, too.

It’s the FUN that often needs to be brought in to create a passion-filled life and business that you TRULY love--and that builds your business so fast it will take your breath away.