What if you feel “annoying” by selling a lot in Facebook Groups?

Barbz Alejandra: You are building credibility, you are becoming the expert in the groups you’re showing up in, you’re consistently in front of your people’s faces. I know you’re feeling annoying, but I promise you, you’re not. So many people are not seeing your stuff, Facebook is not showing it to everyone. It takes way more than just 1 time for someone to take action. You don’t see an ad driving down the highway and immediately call. So rare. It takes repetition.

Christine McAlister: Also, if you’re feeling annoying or awkward, that’s a mindset issue. Get excited about it, know how you want to show up, and know that you’re not trying to “steal thunder” ... you’re genuinely trying to add value and bring something to the table. It’s their platform and we have it for free. Thank God for Facebook. We’re all here because of Facebook. Nobody in the history of EVER has had the chance to build a business the way we do, for free, using a free tool. So let’s choose to be grateful instead of complaining about the algorithms and such. We’re pioneers in this space and we’re blazing a freaking trail.


Ever felt annoying when you sell? How can you reframe your mindset about that? Tell us below!

-- Back in the spring I hosted the fantastic Barbz Alejandra in my group for How To Hit $10K Months Using Facebook Groups. Barbz consistently hits $10K months in her biz with a primary strategy of using Facebook Groups. I’ve compiled her best tips from our masterclass to revisit for you this week!