Ask yourself: What DON’T I want to do?

One way an employee mindset affects us when we are building our businesses, is when we believe that we have to fit a certain box or mold.

We think that there HAVE to be parts that feel really hard, and that we have to do it a certain way whether or not we like it, or we cannot be successful.

This is not YOU building a biz based on your 3 Ps (personality, passions and preferences).

Let’s relate this idea to marketing.

Just because FB Live is a great thing, under no circumstances does that mean you need to build a biz using FB Live if you hate it or are not into it.

Yes, we have to get visible to get clients and I want you to commit to a marketing strategy for 90 days to give it a chance to work. But I see people picking a strategy that doesn’t match their 3Ps.

They’re trying to follow what someone else is doing or said to do and trying to reverse engineer their success.

So we need to ask ourselves what we don’t want to do first. What would YOU rule out?