How do we actually make money from Facebook groups? What is the process?

Barbz Alejandra: Honestly, sell. Step number 1, sell. Shamelessly sell all the time. So many people who sign up with me are saying “this isn’t working” and I asked them how much they’re selling. It’s never enough. Selling is everything. Even your non-sales content is selling you. Actually directing people to something. Whether it’s a freebie that turns into a funnel, whether it’s pointing people to your group, where you’re selling.

One of the things I teach is the anatomy of a sales post. All the different ways you can sell and help people determine which ones feel good for them.

Something that’s super important is being excited when you sell. Don’t be ashamed to do it, and then SELL WITH EXCITEMENT!

My favorite thing is buzz creation. You have to be so good at getting into your consumers' minds before you even sell, so that when you do sell, they are ready to hear it and know it’s the thing for them. You’re priming them so well, you KNOW them so well, you’re speaking their language so well.

Instead of just launching your 1:1 program…

Spend a week asking questions on what they’re struggling with

Spend a week addressing objections to the program

By the time you pitch, people have already been thinking about it and will be ready to buy.

Creating buzz is like seasoning and marinating a good piece of meat before you actually cook it!


Do you feel like you sell too much or not enough? Do you sell with excitement and know how to “create buzz”?

-- Back in the spring I hosted the fantastic Barbz Alejandra in my group for How To Hit $10K Months Using Facebook Groups. Barbz consistently hits $10K months in her biz with a primary strategy of using Facebook Groups. I’ve compiled her best tips from our masterclass to revisit for you this week!