Building your confidence can be as simple as working on it 5 minutes a day.

The people who do the exercise I am going to share with you see a change in income and outlook very quickly.

However, way more people don’t do it and continue to suffer from lack of confidence and significant self-doubt.

You don’t need an hour or two set aside to do this. Start today with just 5 minutes:

Begin writing what I call a Confidence Resume.

Have you looked inward on the things you’ve accomplished AND survived (because both are important and often intertwined)?

I have a template for this inside Know Your Niche (, and also some prompts you can get started with in the book (

Or just start on your own!!

It’s about remembering ALL.THE. STUFF. you’ve done and been through instead of minimizing it because you’re uncomfortable for whatever reason.

KEY TAKEAWAY: We all have things to be proud of. If you write that down and read it every day it will change your life and your business. Because you WILL show up in a different way as a confident person who believes they can help others.