📝 High-level tip for planning content strategy:

🗨️ @Barbz Alejandra: Everyone has to answer the question of “What should I post, what should I do?” If you reverse engineer everything, it is so much easier. Don’t just write content, think what do I want people to do? What’s my semi-long-term goal? If I say, in two weeks, I want them to opt-in to my free PDF “Top 10 Tips to Lose Weight” then I work backwards from that goal. I start planting seeds on what I’m going to promote before I even get there. Talk about why it’s important, ask questions, tell a personal story, etc. Start at the finish line and then figure out how you are going to get there.


Do you think about content planning in this way? How do you beat the fear of facing a blank sheet of paper?

-- Back in the spring I hosted the fantastic Barbz Alejandra in my group for How To Hit $10K Months Using Facebook Groups. Barbz consistently hits $10K months in her biz with a primary strategy of using Facebook Groups. I’ve compiled her best tips from our masterclass to revisit for you this week!