What are people doing WRONG in Facebook Groups?

🗨️ Barbz Alejandra: First and foremost, and this is going back to basics in business: Not having fun.

“This sucks, there’s too much noise out there.” It doesn’t mean there won’t be effort and maybe discomfort, but when you put that pressure on yourself, telling yourself from the beginning, “this is hard, it’s not going to work” then it’s not going to work for you. So find a way to make it fun.

Also, people give up too soon. You have to give any strategy time for it to grow and work. Don’t get discouraged. It CAN happen fast, but often it does not.

Posting and running is a big no-no. If you have a handful of seeds and you toss those seeds in the garden, some of those may grow. But if you treat those seeds right, you are going to get a great crop. If you’re not checking your notifications to see who is interacting with your post, you’re missing a huge opportunity.

They don't have a solid content strategy. This is will save you time and headache and keep you consistent. Content is the key for mastering Facebook groups!


Tell us ladies... which Facebook Group no-no are you the most guilty of?


-- Back in the spring I hosted the fantastic Barbz Alejandra in my group for How To Hit $10K Months Using Facebook Groups. Barbz consistently hits $10K months in her biz with a primary strategy of using Facebook Groups. I’ve compiled her best tips from our masterclass to revisit for you this week!