Here’s how you can continue to show up for your biz--for your dream --when life gets crazy:


I know my niche--who I serve, where I serve them, and how I serve them.

Do you know these things? When you have one of those “crazy weeks” you will see how having these things established as a foundation will really serve you in those moments. There’s no guesswork, no new biz strategies being laid or created during those crazy times. You take the clarity you already have and continue to put one foot in front of the other.


Are you showing up all the time? Even when it’s crazy?

This doesn’t mean you have to be tied to your computer all the time. When life gets nuts, this is a great time to apply my favorite adage “Done is better than perfect.”

Show up, in the best way you can.

I really don’t love running all that much, but in the past I’ve trained to run a 5K or two. (PICTURED: Myself and my friend and VA Julie Weber Stevenson before a team-relay race we did together approximately 1 million years ago. )

My endurance-sport-loving husband would have a perfect training schedule lined up, but personally I remember taking a different tack: Just show up and run every day. That's it. A little, a lot, fast, slow… it honestly didn’t matter as long as I did something every day with very, very few exceptions. This “non-runner” needed to train my body (and mind) to get used to running regularly and in a way that didn’t allow for my excuses about why it wasn’t a good time or why I didn’t want to. In order for this to work, I needed to show up and pound the pavement on a regular basis.

“I work long hours with a super long commute.”

“Well, I struggle with depression, anxiety, and/or people pleasing.”

“My partner doesn’t understand what I do.”

I hear you and... ME TOO! Either when I was first building my business, and sometimes, to this very day.

None of these things have to be reasons why not unless YOU DECIDE it’s a reason why not.

If you will take the first step in faith and say my life doesn’t have to be perfect, then you can show up with clarity and consistency and that’s what you truly need.

What do you say?