What choice will you make about your business when your life goes crazy?

Because life WILL go crazy at some point.

I see people backing off and sometimes quitting their businesses, because life gets crazy.

To what extent is backing off (or even quitting) an option in your mind for this thing you say is your dream?

I remember earlier this year, in one week I had a major launch going on, I had two clients quitting their 9-5s (huuuuge deal )... aaaand I was pregnant and sick, had my daughter Fi waking me up at all hours of the night, I had very little childcare for the week, and then the ONE day she had school and I had 1 million things to get done… my internet went out.

It’s like, laugh or cry? Laugh so you don’t cry?? None of that was earth-shattering, or enough to make me just quit Life With Passion, but it was enough to make me want to just throw my hands up and CHECK THE HECK OUT.

But I didn't. What I'd already been through taught me that not showing up when things get sticky is not an option for me. I actually first started Life With Passion as I was grieving the loss of my first baby Maeve and then I continued to build it while I was sick as a dog during my pregnancy with Fi (...and then again this year with Winnie!).

I make these points to illustrate for you that it really is your choice. It does not make sense for you to say that you do not have time to invest in and build your business, and also complain that you don’t have your business yet.

You just haven’t prioritized the right things. If it’s really important to you, then show up for it. If it’s not then fine, no one is here to convince you it has to be.

But if it’s your dream , then show up for it even when life goes crazy!