Congruency is something I talk to my clients about a lot. Being genuine is super important. If we like looking beautiful and traveling and share those highlights with our communities, it can start to paint a picture that’s not entirely true.

If you’re only hitting the highlights, it can make your life look perfect when that’s not actually how you live all the time.

So what does it REALLY look like out of your 9-5? Do you have to be in a certain place and looking a certain way, or have a certain amount of time, or get your image to a certain point before you’re ready?

Of course the answer is NO.

Because honestly I spend most days in sweatpants. With my hair up in a crazy bun, with no make-up on, and as comfortable as I want to be because that’s what I want.

That’s what I choose.

When I go to a coffee shop to work or write, NEWSFLASH: I don’t look like the cover of my book.

You can choose what it’s going to be like, and sometimes it’s MESSY.

I remember an ad going around with a really well known male coach, where he’s showing his perfect morning...and it kinda makes me laugh, because that does NOT look like most of our real lives. It's tempting to look at those types of things online and think, “oh that’s what I need to implement in my life!”

You can wake up and journal and meditate and pray and start your morning like you want. And maybe that IS with a shower, getting dressed and make-up first thing because that’s how you feel your best. As long as it falls into YOUR 3P’s (personality, preferences and passions) and not someone else’s that you’re just trying to replicate.

I get asked a lot about my schedule. But listen, even though I’m a structured person, keep an organized calendar and am always on time for my calls, I do NOT have the same schedule or perfect routine every day.

And it doesn’t make sense to try and adopt someone else’s personal schedule or biz strategy or preferences.

So, how do you want it? Are you striving for unattainable perfection, because that’s what you think it’s going to take? Or are you staying true to yourself?