So, what’s YOUR biggest struggle in finding more time to book out your business?

Mary said she had trouble in two areas of time management -- letting go of things she could get someone else can do and getting distracted.

Two of the biggest time sucks - can we not all relate to that?!

Here’s one commonality you may or may not be ready to admit - it’s USUALLY not an actual lack of time.

“Christine you haven’t seen my schedule.”

You’re right, I haven’t, but I have talked to a lot of women about this. And I feel confident when I say, it’s often more a problem with lack of focus or clarity.

Here’s why: You sit down with five minutes but don’t know what to do or say--that’s not a time problem, that’s a clarity problem. If I have 10 things on my list, but I don’t know how to prioritize them, that’s a focus problem.

That’s why I say there are only two things you need to be doing: marketing and visibility. If you’re not growing your audience, if you’re not staying consistently in front of people, then you’re not growing your business.

If I sit down and say, “I finally have an hour to myself!” and I have a list of things to do, and I don’t eliminate distractions and focus on pitching the podcast, or developing that opt-in, I will end up numbing the anxiety I feel in my brain by scrolling or jumping down a rabbit hole, or doing mindless admin tasks that need to get done... but aren’t going to move my business forward that day.

Martha said she has trouble finding time to plan for the long term. Continuously spends too much time in the everyday tasks. This is the classic entrepreneur problem of working ON the business instead of IN the business. It makes us feel productive, but if we’re not doing the first things first, why are we even doing the admin tasks? We won’t have a business to manage!

Those things are always going to get done. If you’re worried about admin tasks, drop that. That stuff will always get done. Put those things LAST. Get visible, create, FIRST. Give the most important things your BEST. Or you’re perpetuating the not enough time problem.

What sort of emotions does that stir up in you? Relief at the idea of spending your time doing what you really want to anyways, or possibly fear of letting go of what’s comfortable and easy?


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