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I’ve been talking about marketing (your warm audience) and visibility (getting in front of new people) as your primary tasks when building a business with limited time.

A community member asked me this question: How do I expand beyond friendship in introducing my services without my friends feeling like I’m taking advantage of them?

This obviously can be a tricky road to navigate! I think the important thing to remember is that because most people value what they pay for, you are not really doing them any big favors by doling out free advice. If you’re having a conversation with a friend who is struggling with identity or purpose and you know that you could help them, you might say, “I could help you with this inside my 3 month program, we can talk about that if you want, but today I know we’re just chatting as friends.” So, certainly, chat with them at first, but define the conversation so that if it comes up again, you can steer it in the right direction.

Not to be negative, but there’s a far greater chance they’re not going to follow through with what you’ve said, because they have no skin in the game. Your strategies are no different than them reading another article or downloading another opt-in. If they continue to ask questions and want to know more, you can put on your coaching hat, and tell them "it’d probably be best if you sign up for a call with me," etc. You’ve already mentioned it once, now you can define the line between friends and clients.

This way is pretty no-pressure for you both because you put it out there and floated the idea, but they don’t HAVE to take you up on it.

It might feel uncomfortable to think about, but it comes from a place of YOU valuing what you do first.

KEY TAKEAWAY: First be sold on yourself and those conversations will come about a lot easier.