It is not a fatal flaw that you are not more confident.

If confidence is a muscle that we can grow, as we talked about yesterday, then you need to accept that lack of confidence is not your fatal flaw. It’s also no longer your EXCUSE.

🗬 “Well, I can’t do that because I’m just not confident like you are, Christine.”

Do you think I appear naturally confident? In high school I was the NICE kid. I was a nerd.  I was the kid who everyone wrote in my yearbook, “Thanks so much for helping with my homework!” (terrible quality picture provided as proof)

I would look around at my friends, and friends of friends, who were getting all the guys, who had so much confidence, and I would fixate on what they had and what I didn’t.

I didn’t know that it could be developed! Now I do.

If I’m a runner and I smoke, then I need to first acknowledge that my performance is affected by my smoking. And know that if I quit (which will be HARD!), my lungs will improve and so will my running.

If I just say, well I’m going to keep smoking, but I’m going to do more XYZ training, then I’m ignoring the really big elephant in the room - the true problem that I need to address if I want to get faster and better.

Smoking is a PROBLEM for a runner, but it’s not a fatal flaw. It’s fixable if it's acknowledged and addressed.

KEY TAKEAWAY: Lack of confidence wasn’t my fatal flaw and it’s not yours either. Are you ready to kick that excuse to the curb?