I had a client this year who was trying to figure out which Facebook groups to get involved in. And she kept talking about this one group that she really, really loved. The only “problem” was that the group had 62,000 people in it. 😱

That can feel scary and waaaay too big. Like, “Nuh-uh I’m just gonna get lost in there.”

I said to her, let’s identify what you like about it - because Facebook groups are like coffee shops ☕, they might be serving up pretty much the same thing, but there’s a different vibe in all of them, amiright? 😁

As we talked about it, it became clear that she liked the vibe in that group. She felt she could hang out in there, and in fact, was already doing it because she liked it. The rules of the group said she as allowed to promote. So we talked it through to the point that she began to give herself permission to start posting in “the big, somewhat scary and intimidating group"... that she really really liked. She decided to let that be part of her strategy for a little while and see what came of it.

There are so many things to consider when you’re getting visible in front of new people, but if you trust your personality, preferences, and passions (3P's!), you’re bound to put in more genuine heart and effort (that feels easy) to your visibility task.