Ready for your second ✌️ task to building your biz when you have limited time?

Task #2: Visibility

In my definition, if marketing is to your warm market; then visibility is getting in front of a broader market of people who have no idea who you are.

For example:

✔️Posting in a Facebook group not your own;

✔️Posting on Insta with a growth strategy in mind;

✔️Writing a guest post for Thrive Global, Medium, or smaller places you get in with

✔️Guesting on podcasts

✔️Uploading to YouTube

You know me, I’m an introvert 🙈 ... And you know what I’ve learned? That podcasts are an amazing strategy for introverts, because it’s a built-in audience, but it’s a 1:1 conversation! You’re just talking to one person, the host. Isn’t that fantastic?

How can you get in front of -- or plan to get in front of (some of these places take time)-- a new audience this week? Where will you choose?