Like I told you yesterday, there are only two ✌️ things you need to be doing to build your business. If time ⌛ is an issue right now, these are your priority, and what you test everything against. If something doesn’t fit into one of these two goals, it’s a no for you.

Task #1: Marketing

I have a client who quit her 6-figure job...she has a busy home life, young kids, and we were talking about what is the one thing she needs to focus on when life goes nuts, that she has to be doing consistently--I said to her “You need to be showing up.”

The way I define marketing is talking to people in your warm market. On your list, in your group, the people who follow you on IG, whatever.

People can be really scared of this. No judgment here, because I’ve been there. But if you’re scared of letting people know what you’re doing and what you can do for them, then it’s holding you back.

What I found was that my first coaching clients were people that I already knew. Because I was sharing my passion for what I could do, simply being willing to talk about the things I was excited about.

So what are you so passionate about you could talk about it all day long?

Here are some things I could talk about all day long:

🗨️ How to quit your 9-5 and replace your income and scale to six figures!

🗨️ Replace your income and then some

🗨️ Overcome fear and self-doubt

🗨️ How to think like an entrepreneur

🗨️ How to make entrepreneurship really simple and helping you to thrive

What’s your thing? 🤔 Then ask yourself if you’re already talking about this. Or are you hiding out because you don’t want to annoy people or lose followers or friends.

Is this a struggle for you? 😣 How much are focusing your biz-building attention toward marketing to your warm market?