The following is taken from my interview with John Lee Dumas on the popular podcast Entrepreneur on Fire. https://www.eofire.com/podcast/christinemcalister

JLD: You’ve said that 70% of your clients quit their 9-5s. What’s a commonality you see with that 70% that’s achieving that lifestyle and freedom? What about the 30% who don’t quit? Why do you think that 3 out of every 10 women are failing even though you’re giving them that path to greatness?

Christine McAlister: “As for the 30%, sometimes it’s a longer journey for some. It’s a choice as to which side we’re going to listen to. Our calling, our deep desires, or our fear.

Honestly I do I think it has to do with holding themselves back, I think there’s a big fear of visibility (JLD: Like public failure?) Yes, putting yourself out there and being “that person.” If I share my story people are going to think I’m annoying or attention seeking. So I’m afraid to decide on one particular idea and go with because what if I choose wrong, what if people judge or criticize me and that crushes me, what if I fail?

For the 70% - the ones who succeed in quitting their 9-5s - it’s a willingness to show up every day. I really believe you can build a business from the ground up with 5 mins a day of client-getting, income-producing activities. We spend too much time in our heads following the what ifs and wondering which plan to follow.

I think the 70% are the women who show up for themselves, who want to invest in getting help, and commit to show up for that help and do something every day--even when they don’t feel like it.”

If you’ve quit your 9-5, what do you think was the driving factor behind it? If you haven’t (yet!), what do you feel is holding you back?