The following is taken from my interview with John Lee Dumas on the popular podcast Entrepreneur on Fire.

JLD: What was one of those a-ha moments you had and how did you turn that idea into a success?

Christine McAlister: “One of the things I realized as I began to pick up the pieces of my life after my daughter died, is that I was running a successful online marketing biz, but I knew it wasn’t the thing that I REALLY wanted to do. I knew there was another level--a step up to do more that was aligned with my true self. Now, with losing Maeve, the worst thing had happened to me. So, in turn, I wasn’t scared anymore of what people thought.

I found someone who was doing something that I thought was great - who was in the position with money, freedom and success that I wanted - so I hired her to help me figure out what that thing was for me.

As she mentored me, I realized that all along I’d been trying to talk my family and friends into being entrepreneurs--whether they had ANY desire to actually be entrepreneurs--because I thought that was the path for EVERYONE. It’s my calling, it’s obviously yours, too.

So with the help of my mentor, I realized who I could help. Women who had been stuck in the same position that I had been in. Drained in a 9-5 that I wanted out of. I wanted to take a stand for THAT woman, the one who was just like me. I made a choice to let go of the consistent income I’d been making in my online marketing business and I started small, working 1:1, seeing results and starting to build a community.”

What a-ha moment have you had in your entrepreneurial journey?