If you are a high achiever who struggles with self-doubt -- and I’ve never met a high achiever who doesn’t! -- if you’re scared of putting yourself out there, if you don’t know what to charge, if you’re procrastinating on things... then you have a confidence issue to solve! 

The first thing you need to understand before we move forward is that confidence is a LEARNED SKILL.

It’s not something you’re inherently born with or not. Like you’re stuck for the rest of your life with whatever your genes predetermined - confident or not confident.

Like what color your eyes are. 

Nope. Not genetic. Not predetermined. And introverted does NOT equal lack of confidence.

(Did you catch that, my fellow introverts??)

Confidence is a muscle, and it’s one you can grow daily. 

We're going to get into HOW to do that this week. But first, do you believe that?