“When I sell more, I sell more.” - My friend and mentor, Lacey Sites

Confused? Read it again: When I sell more, I sell more.

This bomb-dropper is about YOUR CONSISTENCY.

If you’ve nailed your niche, you’re clear on your messaging, and you’re working on your confidence by taking that action, then the next thing to ask yourself is...


Here's the thing about showing up to sell consistently. People know if you’re JUST there to sell your thing. The regulars in a group know who is and who isn’t an engaged member of the community!

BUT on the other hand, if all you do in a group is share a story here and there, then people will never know HOW they can work with you. They might think you're pretty great, but have no idea what you can offer them.

They won’t know unless you tell them.

Tell me, do you struggle to find this balance? How are you doing with your consistency?