If you want to secure your first or next client, it’s time to own YOUR CONFIDENCE.  This doesn’t mean being cocky and arrogant. We don’t want to be called bossy or b**chy, so we try to be “nice.” 

But if you defer and cater to others, it’s not going to lead you in living a life with passion.Chances are good you’re going to be feeling like there’s something wrong with you that everyone else has it figured out and you haven’t yet. I can say that confidently because I’ve already been there and done that. 

What if you already felt good enough?  Would you reach out to people more consistently? Do a livestream? Decide on a niche? 

So many people wait to make a decision until they feel more confident, but taking action is actually what makes people feel confident. Not delaying the decision. 

If it feels exciting and scary - GOOD! It should. Fear and excitement come from the same part of the brain so it’s always going to be both. To own your confidence, take action. Do not wait. The confidence will not come on its own. 

How confident are you feeling today? Can you think back to a time that taking action helped you gain confidence and do you think you can harness that feeling to make it happen again?