When you’re looking for your first or next client, you gotta check in on YOUR MESSAGE...so that when “your people” read it or hear it, they know it’s for them (and others know it’s NOT for them!).

If you’re not making sales, many times it’s because you’re not being specific enough in your messaging to really draw those people to you.

Maybe you don’t know (or believe in) your niche, maybe you refuse to narrow it down because you’re scared to leave people out, maybe you’re scared to speak your truth, or maybe you’re not actually sharing how you can help them (i.e. your offer/next steps).

Do you have clarity on your messaging? Do you have content that’s clear that you’re sharing consistently and getting in front of people’s eyes?

Talk about the things you know, and then talk about how people can take the next step with you.

When you get focused, the right people read it and know it’s for them.

I often say, “In order to bring the right people in you have to leave the wrong people out.”

Example #1: I don’t want to work with someone who wants to talk only about outsourcing their business entirely to funnels and automation.  Someone came to me last week wanting to go completely to passive income, and I told her we weren’t the right fit.


Because I personally don’t believe it can happen without doing the work ahead of time to build a sizable audience.  She wanted to get herself completely out of the business and not have to show up because she was tired and overwhelmed by her small children. I totally GET THAT, believe you me!  But running away from a situation you’re feeling overwhelmed by isn’t a long-term solution; making an informed decision and planning a gradual transition might FEEL harder, but is how you set yourself up for a sustainable business rather than tanking everything to relieve an immediate pain.

Example #2: If someone comes to me totally stuck in fear and procrastination, but all she wants to work on is her Facebook strategy, we’re going to look a little deeper, because it’s likely that the reason she hasn’t developed and followed through on that strategy yet is BECAUSE of those issues that have been keeping her stuck. And I’ve seen it over and over again that likely the high-achiever like her will STAY stuck unless we work on those issues first; clear them, and help her take simple action.

That’s why I teach what, and the way that I do, so that I bring in who I can most help!!! Make sense?

How confident and clear are you on your messaging and how it connects to your niche? Do you feel like you’re bringing the right people in?