This spring I got to be part of an amazing mastermind weekend in Kansas City. The core group was made of entrepreneurs with young kids and online businesses--and we all fell on various points of the spectrum of experience and success.

Let me tell you about three different women I noticed and a common thread in their story.

Entrepreneur #1 Still side-hustling but has been super consistent in a couple of places and people know her as the one to go to in their niche. Very clear on who she serves and being consistent with that. Doesn’t have a big brand, no website, no list yet. Consistent in a few places that felt good for her.

Entrepreneur #2 She had built a successful business and then went through a tough year in life, and fell away in consistency. Had a podcast, newsletter, etc. Now that she's coming back to their business, she is going to have to rebuild it. It was solid, but a lack of consistency over that year was a major hit.

Entrepreneur #3 Has been super consistent in really simple ways. She knows her lane and what she's good at and she shows up. She shows up every week and does that one thing. she's on track to make 7 figures this year.

The ONE factor, the common theme, that determined their success - or lack thereof - above all, was how consistent they were with their content.

And this is why I preach it over and over again: Get clear on who you're serving and how, and do what you have to do to solve the overwhelm, so that you can stay consistent.

This is your keystone, my friend.