Everyone says “You just have to get out there and provide value.”

Isn’t that so elusive?? It kind of annoys me, right?!

How do we define value and isn’t it so relative anyways?

Sometimes you want to laugh,

Or build community,

Or learn something important to your business-building

To me, if you can provide multiple different ways that you inspire, motivate, encourage and/or teach people (that’s value!)--then there will be a percentage that will want to go to the next level with you.

And stop worrying about “giving all your value away.” You can teach people your entire proprietary process and there will be people who will say,

“Wow, I need to work with her 1:1, I need her hands, eyes, and brains on my business and in my life!” and

“Working with her will speed up my timeline and fast-track my results.”

So tell me, what does value mean to you?