I’m begging you, ladies: please don’t just throw out random engagement questions (unless it’s YOUR private Facebook group).

Those can be fun and have a place, for SURE, but “What did you have for breakfast today?” does not help those who are reading it to know you, your expertise, or your offering AT ALL.

As you work on your content, remember what they need to hear: who you serve, how you serve them, and what do they need to know that’s going to help them.

Even if you’re not exactly pitching your offer every time (and you shouldn’t be), these subtle themes should run through your posts.

This is why you need to know your niche. How can you create the above content if you don’t know who EXACTLY you’re talking to? Do you know what your people are struggling with and what they want?

Answering these questions informs your offer and informs the content you write and what you talk about in groups, on Insta, or in your livestreams.

KEY TAKEAWAY: Keep your key questions in front of you as you write. Before you know it, working that into your content will become second nature.