You don’t HAVE to batch create your content.

The advice to batch your content is everywhere! I’ve given it many times!

And for good reason. Sitting down with a block of time to knock out a bunch of content at once is a huge asset to a lot of people. But it can be totally overwhelming to some, causing procrastination and then seriously affecting your consistency (--which is king ).

“I just need a half day to knock out my website”

“I just need a couple of hours to create a few months worth of content, so I’m going to just wait until I have that on my schedule.”

Too much pressure! Especially if you’re new to this.

We keep pushing it out until we “have the time” but we have busy lives and that tends to come last on the priority list. Or when the time does open up, we feel so overwhelmed about what to do or where to start. We wind up scrolling Facebook or Instagram.

Listen, if you have a service based business, that content is your only asset, other that YOU. There’s no inventory to sell. You’re selling you - and your content. So, when you put it last, waiting for that elusive “couple of hours” you’re hiding your absolute BEST asset. Do you hear what I’m saying?

KEY TAKEAWAY: So if the idea of batching content is causing you to procrastinate, and in turn keep your number 1 asset hidden, then it’s NOT serving you.

You can always come back to the idea after you’ve gained more traction. Right now, you need to keep your consistency going by any means possible.