Are you more mindset or strategy-minded?

I love me some strategy.  I think that’s common among high-achievers. I love a clear plan, a checklist.  It gives me a high. Also in my experience that’s only gotten me so far in my business. If my whole life is only aligned to checking things off a list, the list will never be done, it will never be enough, and I will have created a business I can’t step away from.

How about the next hot strategy?  Absolutely been there.  I can get sucked in so fast. But, down in my heart I KNOW most of the struggles I’ve had personally had in my business have to do with mindset.

When I think I’m struggling with a strategy issue, it’s USUALLY a mindset issue.  Am I solving for the right problem? If your mindset isn’t strong, don’t try to solve it by going after a new strategy.

If you’re a mindset girl, then you might be always looking for that next mantra, that next journal activity , when what you really need is a strategy and real ACTION. You need to put down the index cards and write some social media posts. 

If you first identify which one you’re more prone to lean toward (strategy or mindset), then you may have some success in determining how you’ve been incorrectly trying to solve your issues!

So, which way do you lean? Can you think of ways to better balance your natural tendencies, so that you can correctly identify your next right step when its most important?