When I was getting married, my friend (who’d been married 20 years) gave me this amazing piece of advice,

"Begin how you intend to continue."

Basically, if you don’t want to be picking up dirty towels on the floor in 10 years, don’t do it in the beginning of your relationship just to be nice. 

I help my clients build a business that works within the existing parameters of their life. If you have kids or horses or dogs or extended family members... I want to help you build where you already have time.

You have the situation you have right now. If you don’t begin your business how you intend to continue, then you’ll wind up with a business that feels as obsessive as your current burned out situation.

TRYING HARDER is often not the answer, but it's the one we jump to.

You want to start one that brings you freedom and does work that you LOVE.  If you build it by hustling or striving or burning yourself out, you’re never going to give yourself permission to allow it to be any other way.

You CAN consciously retrain yourself if you’ve already been hustling to the point of burnout at this point. Catch yourself and say, “my next right step is NOT to work harder.” I don’t want you to reach some arbitrary goal and think “oh in order to keep this up, I have to continue to work as hard or it won’t work.” You WILL perpetuate that story.

So, start today how you intend to continue.