There was a time in my business when I wasn’t making the kind of sales that I wanted. I had a niche established, I had an offer--and I still wasn’t making the sales that I wanted to. I ASSUMED (oops!) it was because I wasn’t sending out enough sales emails or I wasn’t following up enough. 

I made up all these scenarios in my head without *really* taking a look at what was going on. 

When I took a step back, I realized that I hadn’t been bringing new people into my community--onto my list--in a long time. In order to change the number of sales calls, the number of people I was booking, I needed to increase my audience. 

When I focused on that, I started making sales again.  New people were coming in, new people were finding out about me.  And a percentage of them started to hire me.

I found that instead of feeling sorry for myself because of the LIE that “I’m terrible at this and I cannot make sales,” 

KEY TAKEAWAY: I focused on the RIGHT problem and began to make traction again.