This week I’m sharing exactly HOW you can create your signature offer and start bringing in clients! 

Creating your OFFER is Step 4 of my proven process, The Income Replacement Formula. Once you’ve got Steps 1-3 (Decision, Mindset, & Niche) under your belt (and not one second sooner!), you’ll be ready to tackle this.

So, let’s get started on creating an offer that feels exciting to sell and to deliver (because then you actually will, right)?

A key question to ask: What ONE problem can you help someone solve in a half-day?

We rightfully spend a lot of time building out our longer-term transformational offer, like a 3 to 6 month program, but there is also real power in having an offer that is a one-time, "knock it out of the park" offer.

And the beauty is this can also be a lower price point, which can help you reach people are aren’t ready to invest in your long-term packages. 

A half-day provides a really quick win for someone and we all want a quick win right now, am I right? Everyone talks about the “silver bullet,” and we all want to believe the promises, as unlikely as they seem. But there IS a space for authentic quick wins, when you narrow down on just 1 problem and work through it during a half-day session.

Here are a few examples to get the ideas flowing:

💡 Idea #1: One thing I can help knock out for a client in 3 hours is a 3-month plan for their business. Their package, their pricing, their content/messaging/marketing and where they’re going to put that for the next 90 days. They’re going to get more done in 3 hours on their business than they’ve probably gotten accomplished in the past 3 months.

💡 Idea #2: I have a client who is a money mindset coach with an offering that is designed to help create the perfect affirmations for her client. She’ll help them immediately bust through the blocks that have keeping them from making more money. When her clients are done with her process, that’s something they can take and immediately implement.

💡 Idea #3: If you’re a VA, graphic designer, social media manager… you could offer a half-day virtual session in which you help your client get organized, get caught up and get systems in place so they have a clear plan going forward.

💡 Idea #4: I have a client who is a food blogger and specializes in meal planning and prep with a focus on family dinners. She offers a virtual pantry makeover where she helps her clients organize their pantry, figure out what staples they need to have, and how it should all be kept. They can walk away with an organized pantry and a list of what they need to get.

You see, this can apply to so many different industries!

In the examples I just gave you clients could walk away with…

️✔️ a 90 day plan to get more visible and book more clients

️✔️ money and mindset affirmations to use right away to make more money

️✔️ an organized inbox and a plan going forward to create more time and space in their day

️✔️ an clean pantry, grocery list and a meal prep plan to make providing quality family dinners easy and stress-free

So tell me, taking a look at your skills, paired with your personality, passions and preferences, what 1 problem can YOU solve for a client?