As we've been discussing Step 4 of The Income Replacement Formula, creating your offer 📝, it's time to dig a little deeper!

Let's explore the first essential element to a super-simple, quick-win-style offer-- solve 1 problem.

Why solve just 1 problem (and how)?

I see people try to take a big transformation and cram it into a half-day. That would be a mistake.  A half day intensive or offer can solve 1 big problem, but it cannot take the place of what should be a 6-month, or longer term, transformation process, during which there is time for learning, testing, feedback, tweaking and integration.

To solve that 1 problem, consider: What specific process will take them through a clear BEFORE to AFTER, problem-solving result?

Let's say your goal is building long-term health. You can’t just spend half a day in the gym and meet your goals (although I so wish that was true, who's with me? 😂). But you COULD take a half-day class with a trainer and learn an arsenal of methods and exercises that you will put into action in the coming weeks and months. Does that make sense?

If, like me, you're able to help someone solve something in business (for my clients, often it's the biggest thing they've been procrastinating on or just want to have under their belt DONE) like:

✔️finishing their website (FINALLY)

✔️setting up their packaging, pricing, and even payment processor & contract so they can finally sign clients!

✔️designing a 90-day marketing plan, method and messaging so that they know exactly where and how to get and stay visible to make money!

...Then share THAT!

People love knowing they can get the work done WHILE you're working together so make sure you include that in your messaging--the BEFORE to AFTER result.

Tell me: What's 1 problem YOU could easily help your client solve?