How to quickly create your signature program--& sell it NOW!

I get this question a LOT so I want to help you understand exactly WHEN it's time in your business to create your offer, so that you don't stress out for nothin'!

What do I mean?

So often, we put pressure on ourselves saying things like “I should be making money already!” when we don’t even have an actual offer yet!

So first ask yourself--do I have an offer I'm excited to sell?  If not, whether you don't have one or you want to revisit yours, let's do this!

In my bestselling book The Income Replacement Formula, my custom method for replacing your income so that you can quit or stay out of your 9-5, step 4 of 7 is: Create Your Offer.

That's right, Step 4. You might need to take a step back, because it’s important you don’t SKIP steps 1-3 (Decision, Mindset and Niche), or you’ll be floundering through the later steps. But NAIL those first 3, and this key step of creating your offer is going to go much, much more smoothly because you did the work of getting clarity on who it's for!

(Wondering if you don't have those down? You can review them in the first chapter of the book for free at lifewithpassion.com/freechapter)

So, if you’re still in Steps 1-3, that is OKAY, and now you know where to focus!

If you’re ready for creating your signature offer in Step 4, then buckle up! I’m about to bring you a ton of clarity and action steps so that you’ll be well on your way to crafting your own personal offering.☺️

Before we move ahead with this, which step of The Income Replacement Formula are you in right now? Or have you already nailed the first 4 and have a different question? Let me know!