What to do now to get your 1st or next client: START WITH WHAT YOU KNOW NOW.

My first business, the one that took me from side-hustle to full-time income-replacement, was an online marketing agency. I was really good at it, booked out and using my skills...But after a while, I knew there was another level for me.

The lesson? It’s OK to make a first step NOW, with what you know, to get you out of that 9-5 first.

Almost NO ONE you follow/admire/look up to is doing the same thing they did when they got started. Name an influencer and if you look back through their history (if they’re transparent and share it!, you’ll find things they did FIRST before the current iteration of their business.

But they needed to do them in order to get where they are today!

It all comes back to knowing yourself and knowing your niche TODAY before you put these other pieces in place. To be honest, most people want to skip this stuff because they want to move on to the parts that feel more tangible, like, "I need a website! I need a Facebook strategy! I need a X # of followers on Insta!"

But, if you ignore what’s in front of you (the low-hanging fruit of what you already know and can easily monetize) and move on to “strategy” before you’re ready, you’re going to feel like you’re flailing and throwing stuff against the dang wall every day in hopes that something will stick already!

And as my friend & 7-figure business owner Dana Wilde says, "All the strategy and action in the world can't make up for a muddy mindset." If you're only focused on strategy but don’t know exactly what you’re monetizing and for who, you're missing a HUGE piece of the puzzle, the one that is actually keeping you from getting what you want.

On the other hand, nail this and the rest of the process becomes far more clear.

Where do you stand today with your niche? Do you know it?

Who here has stepped out of their 9-5 with something they’re good at, even if it’s not what you see as your FOREVER Zone of Genius?


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